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I am the one to protect her... by PandaProjectile I am the one to protect her... by PandaProjectile
Trying to do some concept art of the story ~GrellsLover and I have been working on for the longest time now. Yes the character is Matteo, even though I use him in a role play group his original intent was, and still is, for the story. This is him from a LONG time ago (vampire, age differently blah blah blah, better than Twifag shit) when he didn't shave for a while and tried to grow out his hair with it's natural colour (at the time there wasn't hair dye yet).

I found some tutorials for hair and skin and I'm really happy with the hair and how it came out in the end but for some reason I'm still not understanding the skin tone tutorials and I can't find a good clothing one to use :/ If you wanna help out I generally use SAI unless I have to use effects and text in Photoshop (I have CS5 Portable Extended and 7 with Image Ready). You don't have to help but if you want to that's what I use.

The hair tutorial I understood very well and there are still some problems with the hair it's a lot better than what I used to do. Hopefully I can get the skin and clothes up to that level in the future.

Oh! The title is implying Matteo's characteristic as a brother being over-protective of his twin sister Josette so yeah :P

I explained myself and now I go get ready for work and class.

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June 7, 2012
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